AP Jhin Build – Metabreaker Guide

  • vanman
  • February 23, 2016
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high noon jhin skin

There’s always room to break some metas whether you’re changing from traditional roles, lanes, or builds.  There is no really good reason to go AP Jhin other than to just show off how much better you are than other people and rub it in their faces, but here are some of the lesser reasons you might go AP Jhin.

  • Your team is AD Heavy
  • You’re playing against someone building armor
  • You’re trying to Jhin Support
  • You want to max cool down reduction and have some fun
  • You’re going for the element of surprise

In all reality though AD Jhin is much more powerful for the most part.

Your auto attack becomes significantly weaker as AP Jhin (expected),  your W doesn’t scale at all with AP, your Q gets interestingly strong especially on the 4th hit reaching over 1400 damage, and you gain some minor damage boosts from your E.  In the builds used in the video we saw an increase from 742 to 791 which is very minor. Sadly, your Ultimate (R) does not scale with AP at all.

Here are the two builds shown in the video:

Most Common AD Jhin Build with Swiftness Boots

ad jhin

Suggested AP Jhin Build

ap jhin

This build focuses on raw AP Damage and little utility or survivability.  You can get a Void Staff or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter for extra effects or magic penetration. This build may be more common of a middle build, I do not prefer to play AP Jhin as a straight mage but prefer my personal build below because of the utility.

My Personal AP Jhin Build with Swiftness Boots

personal ap build

This is a utility build with mixed damage, possibly a Heavy AP orientated Hybrid.  One of Jhins major problems is staying alive, and I’ve found some success using this in ranked matches at the Bronze/Silver level. I do not know that AP Jhin would work at all beyond Silver very effectively.

This build would allow Jhin to go any lane except jungle.


  1. The active on Frost Queen’s allows for icy ghosts either to flee, chase, or locate nearby enemies.
  2. Frost Queens, Nashor’s and Lich Bane combine for 40% Cool Down Reduction so you can use your abilities as fast as possible.
  3. Frost Queens has mana regeneration when combined with Tear/Muramana it allows for near unlimited spam of abilities without having to wait for mana or running out.
  4. Boots of Swiftness with Alacrity Enchantment allows for a lot of movement speed which Jhin desperately needs having no innate escape except his W to stun an enemy.
  5. Zhonya’s to protect yourself from nasty Ults or used to survive another day.

When played right Jhin does a decent amount of damage, especially from his Traps and Q, and becomes quite hard to kill. If you can bait people into attacking you so that they are in your traps when they explode or use Zhonyas to keep them there for trap explosion, you can unleash an AoE world of hurt and change a team fight.

When Icy Ghosts combines with Boots of Swiftness nobody can escape you, especially considering the range of your ult.

Masteries Used with AP Builds

ap jhin masteries



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