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  • March 5, 2015
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“All Random All Mid!”

The ARAM game mode has been available for nearly three years, and while the acronym itself suggests random champion assignments; the reality is surprisingly different. There are two factors that play their part in determining which champions are seen most often and which least often. Each of these tell us a little bit about League of Legends all together.

One twist to the ARAM game mode is that you must either own the champion or it must be free that week in order to receive it in a random roll. Since many ARAM players are beginners who don’t spend their RP and IP on champions the results below are bias based on which champions were free over the last three weeks. Some players, on the other hand, take ARAM very seriously and have a special account with only their favorite champions on it; this way they stack the deck in their favor and help popular ARAM champions rise to the rankings.

Players slowly earn rerolls they can use to drop their current champion and get another random champion. This allows players to avoid unwanted champions. Most players don’t have a collection of champions that they don’t know how to play, so using a reroll to avoid a champion because you aren’t familiar with it is much less likely than using a reroll to avoid a champion that just sucks in ARAM.

To find out which champions have been pushed to the top and which have sunk to the bottom, we took roughly 15 million ARAM game records over a 3 week period and did a very simple count of each champion’s participation.

The Hated

Let’s start with the hated, these clowns are avoided like the plague.

Champion Name Win Rate Play Rate
Trundle 48.9 0.19
Zac 44.16 0.21
Urgot 46.96 0.22
Yorick 54.78 0.23
Nocturne 41.44 0.24
Rek’Sai 40.07 0.25
Sejuani 50.42 0.25
Nautilus 52.86 0.26
Galio 61.56 0.28
Hecarim 46.1 0.29

The Loved

If you receive one of these champions in and reroll it you’re sure to get flamed in chat.

Champion Name Win Rate Play Rate
Ashe 56.81 2.15
Sivir 54.2 2.1
Blitzcrank 52.72 1.87
Master Yi 49.83 1.84
Miss Fortune 52.78 1.8
Ezreal 51.62 1.7
Twisted Fate 52.74 1.7
Annie 51.42 1.69
Teemo 56.45 1.64
Kayle 45.05 1.63

The Worst

It turns out that these most losing champions are not the most hated champions. Tristana? Yeah, I’m as surprised as everyone else.

Champion Name Win Rate Play Rate
Evelynn 35.67 0.78
Akali 39.13 0.75
Kha’Zix 39.61 0.48
LeBlanc 39.7 0.79
Rek’Sai 40.07 0.25
Tristana 40.09 1.52
Aatrox 40.23 0.9
Fizz 40.27 0.65
Elise 40.43 0.32
Lee Sin 40.64 0.66

The Best

Finally, these are the most winning champions in ARAM. Notice our buddy Maokai with his 0.42% play rate and Swain with his 0.39%.

Champion Name Win Rate Play Rate
Sona 63.21 1.08
Heimerdinger 63.17 1.62
Kog’Maw 62.74 0.55
Ziggs 62.32 0.83
Galio 61.56 0.28
Lux 60.5 1.34
Sion 59.16 0.67
Fiddlesticks 58.55 1.32
Maokai 57.86 0.42
Vel’Koz 57.83 0.55

Overall I’m very surprised by the lack of correlation between win rate and play rate. Oh well, you’re welcome to take a look at the raw data here: and comment below. With 15,000,000 records, the margin of error is very low. The least popular champions still boast 26 thousand games.



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