Gold Difference Among Regions

  • Jimboslice
  • March 5, 2015
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We to a look at the average gold per minute (GPM) from all regions and leagues around the world. With this information we can compare leagues from one region to another as well as rank our own performance with other’s around the world. The data also gives regions the right to brag about how much gold they make per minute.

When thinking of skill comparison, it’s tough to narrow it down to a single statistic. Farming is a great way to determine how far ahead and behind you are in a single game, but different lane match ups have farming advantages, and certain champion kits are designed for it.

We could also consider kills, or overall KDA, but that stat isn’t consistent from game to game. Kills and farm also vary with game length, where a longer game should yield higher amounts. So we figured the best way to quantify skill level throughout divisions, is average gold per minute (GPM). It’s a stat that bundles farming, KDA, and team play in a nice package, while also remaining relatively consistent throughout any game length.

To do this, we used over 30 million game observation (10 per match) and calculated the average gold earned over match duration; and then sorted by region and the summoner’s highest achieved league for the season. All this data came from Patch 5.4 ranked Summoner Rift matches and includes every region except Brazil (BR). We combined Master and Challenger leagues for this analysis because the sample sizes were too small when separated.

While most of the information looks like what you would imagine, you’ll probably be surprised at some of the outcomes.


Master-Challenger Average GPM


Diamond Average GPM


Platinum Average GPM


Gold Average GPM


Silver Average GPM


Bronze Average GPM

It may seem like there isn’t much of a difference between some of the regions, but when you measure it out to the length of a full game, it starts to accumulate and make a wider gap. For instance, if you see a region that has a five GPM difference than the next region, it doesn’t seem like much. You could gain that amount of gold just typing “WORTH” in all chat. It starts to make a bigger difference when you factor in the whole game. If we had a 35 minute game, a five GPM difference would make a difference of 175 gold. If you included the rest of your team in on that average it would total out to 875 gold, which is pretty close to a 1k gold lead.

If we compare the top and bottom of the charts we would have:

Challenger EUNE 373.23 GPM
Bronze LAS 328.94 GPM
Difference 44.29 GPM

Again, if we turn that into a match lasting 35 minutes, you would have a gold difference of : 1,550.15

If we include the rest of the team, that would make a grand total gold difference of:


I don’t know about you, but I think it would take a Randy Johnson sized throw to lose that game.  Just to put it in perspective, that gold lead is the is equal to buying TWO Rabadon’s Deathcaps, 11 vision wards, and a health pot.

Although the difference in number may seem slim in the form of gold per minute, it does add up, and can have a huge impact on the outcome of your game. It is important to manage all of your time in-game efficiently, and try to maximize your gold intake. You need to constantly weigh the opportunity costs of your actions. If you manage your time well, you can have that 1,550.15 (or a BF Sword) gold lead over your lane opponent. When you look at gold per minute, it might not seem like much, but remember, there are a lot of minutes in a game.



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