Hextech Crafting Guide

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  • March 17, 2016
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The Hextech Crafting System is directly connected to the Champion Mastery System. If you aren’t a good player or don’t play with good players then most of this guide is useless for you.

Obtaining a Hextech Chest

hextech chest

To even have a chance at getting a Hextech Chest without spending Riot Points you will have to be capable of getting at least an S- performance on at least one champion, the more the better – OR – you will have to play with someone that can get an S- or better champion rating.

You can only get one chest per S performance on a single champion per season. If someone you queue with gets an S performance the chest is attributed to the champion you are playing regardless of your mastery score.

If you duo queue with your friend that’s playing Shen, and you’re playing Urgot, and one of you get’s an S performance, doesn’t matter which, then the chest you’ve earned applies to Shen for him and Urgot for you.  You wont’ be able to earn another chest on either of those champions until the end of the season.

There is also a 4 chest per month limit.

These chests can be purchases with Riot Points through the store and do not count toward your champion limits, you can purchase up to 25 chests per day.

To open these chests you will need to obtain a Hextech Key.

Obtaining a Hextech Key

hextech key

Once again, if you don’t win frequently you severely hurt the chances of obtaining a key as Key Fragments drop only from victories, however, you can also purchase keys with Riot Points in the store.

You can earn Key Fragments in Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, and Twisted Treeline. The more players you queue with, the higher the chances of obtaining a Key Fragment from a win.

When you get 3 Key Fragments you can forge them into a Hextech Key which can then be used to open a chest.

Opening a Chest

When you open a chest you have the potential to get any of these items:

  • Champion Shard
  • Cosmetic Shard
  • Ward Shard
  • Random Summoner Icon + 150 Cosmetic Essence
  • Rare Gem

How to Use Shards

Hextech Shard Crafting Options

We’re given 4 options with each shard:

Re-Roll – You can use 3 shards of the same type to roll them into a random permanent piece of content. 3 Champion Shards for a random permanent champion etc, it can be any shard as long as it’s three of the same type (champion, skin, ward).

Disenchant –  You can disenchant a shard and turn it into the appropriate essence (cosmetic or champion) which can help you upgrade your other shards.

Activate – If you activate the shard it allows you to rent that feature out for 7 days. This will consume the shard so you won’t be able to use it again but you could run around with a cool champion or skin for a week at least.

Upgrade – Using stored essence, you can upgrade a shard into a permanent piece of content and have it added to your collection for immediate use.

What about Gems?


Gems are the random result of opening chests and crafting. You have a chance at getting one from a chest or spawning one when you perform a crafting function.  These can be forged into a key and chest bundle or you can use 10 of them to unlock Hextech Annie.


This concludes the Hextech Crafting Guide, feel free to leave any comments or feedback below, we’d love to hear from you.



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