LCS Blue Ezreal Pro Guide

  • Jimboslice
  • February 10, 2016
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Blue Ezreal

Ezreal has been a prominent pick for many LCS team compositions in season 6. Specifically, blue build Ezreal. With this build, he can poke, kite, and assist teammates while chipping away at enemy health bars. Blue Ezreal is a strong pick, but it’s also a difficult build path that requires a lot of patience, and gold. It has a very slow ramp up time, but becomes unstoppable with a few key items.

The build starts with  Doran’s Blade. The goal in the early game is to quickly purchase, and stack the Tear of the Goddess. After the Tear is purchased, the next rush item is a Sheen. This will give blue Ezreal a small early power spike for poking and trades.

Blue Ezreal early game items

The second power spike comes from finishing Iceborn Gauntlet. The slow applied will assist in kiting enemies, and the armor makes you more durable. It’s a good item t have, but it isn’t enough to make Ezreal a killing machine. The mid game focus should be on farming, and acquiring as much gold as possible. Ezreal’s ultimate is effective in clearing waves in different lanes, and should be used liberally. At this time in the game, Manamune should be purchased along with Iceborn Gauntlet. These are the two essential items in the build. After that, the build becomes more flexible. A good choice for the next item would be the Blade of the Ruined King, or Lord Dominik’s Regards. Both are tank buster items that will help Ezreal chunk out any enemy champion. Because Cooldown Reduction is crucial, Boots of Lucidity should be purchased for the next boot tier.

3rd item Blade of the Ruined King

Blue Ezreal mid game Bork

3rd item Lord Dominik’s Regard

Blue Ezreal mid game dominiks

At this point blue Ezreal is in the late game. This is where his strengths truly shine by chasing champions, and kiting when needed. As long as he stays on the outskirts of a fight, there is no real threat that he can’t escape with an Arcane Shift (E). Manamune should be transformed into Muramana by this time, and five items should be completed. After Blade of the Ruined King, and Lord Dominik’s Regard are purchased, a defensive item should be started. A popular final item is Guardian Angel. The passive, along with short ability cooldowns, should allow Ezreal to escape a bad situation with Arcane Shift if he happens to get caught.

Blue Ezreal Late game build


Masteries focus heavily on the Cunning tree. This will lead to the keystone mastery Thunderlord’s Decree, which will be easy to proc by spamming abilities. The rest of the points will be put into the Ferocity tree for a mix of extra ability power, and attack damage.

Blue Ezreal masteries


Runes focus heavily on attack damage with some life steal mixed in. Life steal is effective on blue Ezreal because his Mystic Shot (Q) applies on hit effects. The sustain allows him to stay in lane long enough to obtain enough gold for big items.

Blue Ezreal Runes


Mystic Shot will be the first maxed ability with blue build Ezreal. It is important to land this skill shot as often as possible. Because Mystic Shot applies on hit effects, the slow from Iceborn Gauntlet will apply on every successful hit. Arcane Shift is the primary source of mobility, and should be maxed second. Essence Flux (W) main use is being cast on allies to give move speed. Trueshot Barrage (R) is perfect for maintaining minion waves in lanes that are empty.

Blue Ezreal ability sequence

Blue Ezreal is the most popular build in the LCS so far this season. It is very high risk/high reward in that he becomes unstoppable late game, as long as he makes it through early game. It is a passive build that requires time, and does not benefit from playing over aggressively. The slow start can make it seem boring, but the strong finish is worth it in the end.



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