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  • January 12, 2015
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The team is proud to announce the immediate release of our new website. This Jan-2015 release is a major improvement on the Jan-2014 release and includes a large number of new features and bug fixes.

We’d also like to take this time to thank the thousands of users who have supported us and our site by subscribing to our LoLBuilder Premium Package. Without their support would would not have been able to put this massive update together.

New Features

Website Redesign

Our new site boasts new LoLBuilder branding, streamlined texts, improved navigation, and layouts responsive to all screen sizes.

Our logo had a slight update along with a new set of smooth colors. We hope you’ll spend a lot of time at our site. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable while you’re here.

New fonts are slick and attractive. They bring a new professional personality to the data that we’re presenting.

Improved Navigation

We’ve added a navigation bar to every page. We’ve got lots of pages that were hard to find. No one even knew about them. Now you can reach all of our pages from anywhere.

Additionally, we’ve got plenty of room to grow. We’ve got several pages we haven’t built out yet. When we finish them, you’ll be able to get to them. We’ve also got some free tools and assets for user and developers. Now available from our nav bar.

Win Rates & Play Rates by League and Role

We’ve dug deeper to uncover and record more win rate data. We’re now able to tell you win rates for every champion, in every role we find them played in – for every league.

For example, we can now say that in Silver Annie wins 56.41% of games when she is played top and only 50.31% of games when she is played as the Support.

Lane Counters

We rate lane counters by analyzing the kill to death ratio of champions against their lane opponents for the first 15 minutes of a game. A positive ratio indicates that you’re champion is better suited for the match-up than your opponent.

Ahri does well against Heimerdinger and Yasuo but does poorly against LeBlanc and Anivia.

We’re planning to expand on this functionality to show all champions in the near future.

Builds for Alternative Roles

We’ve always been able to give you the best builds for every champion in their primary meta roles – like ADC Ashe. One of the most exciting new features that we’ve made available is the best builds for champions in less-typical roles. Like Jungle Heimerdinger or Top Lucian.

Starting Item Sets

Our new analysis engine hones in on discrete sets of starting items. Rather than just suggesting that you might start with Health Potions, Boots, or a Doran’s Blade, we’re now showing you complete starting item sets. In many cases we’re showing several sets.

Leona has 4 commonly seen starting items sets.

Ward Analysis

Compare your ward usage with other players in other leagues. Our new deep ward analysis looks at each league to determine – on average – how many wards are placed, how many vision wards are purchased, destroyed wards, and how often trinkets are upgraded.

Holy Oracle’s Potion! A Diamond Blitzcrank places 25 wards per game while a Bronze Blitzcrank is only warding 15 times. A Diamond Blitz places 2 vision wards while a Bronze Blitz only places a single vision ward in half of his games. And when it comes to upgrading trinkets a Diamond Blitz is nearly 5 times more likely to upgrade than a Bronze Blitz

Ability Order by Role

This was by far the most requested feature over the past year. Riot recently made this data available to us. This was the first feature we implemented once we got our hands on the new data sets.

The best part here is that we can show you ability order prioritization by role.

From this new section of the page, we’re also providing a quick view of the champion’s official Champion Spotlight. In some cases we start right at the ability preview.

Just a reminder, our ability order comes from the analysis of millions of games per champion.

Masteries by Role

We’re now presenting the top mastery pages for the champion’s most commonly seen roles. These are the masteries actually used by Diamond players in game, in the specified role.

Rune Pages by Role

We’re now presenting the top rune pages for the champion’s most commonly seen roles. These are the runes actually used by Diamond players in game, in the specified role.

Win Rates by Game Length

This was one of our most popular features over the past year.

Surprise. Ryze starts to fall off after 35 minutes.

New Hardware

This release includes our name Game Crawler software. We’re now recording more games than we have been able to in the past. This leads to better analysis and more accurate results.

Improved Analysis Capabilities

Our deep analysis engine has been rewritten to utilize Redshift. This data warehouse allows us to run parallel queries across multiple data nodes to find complex relationships much faster than we were able to in the past. This means we can refresh champion’s builds and data points more frequently.

This is especially important after a new patch – where we want to uncover new trends as quickly as possible.

Upcoming Releases

We’ve also got a few other projects under development that should be available over the next couple of months.

Windows App Update

We’ve got a ton of great new data about starting item sets that will soon be added to the Windows version of our Recommend Items Updater.

Mac App

We’ve now got the resources needed to put our Recommend Items Updater on OS X. We’ll be looking for beta testers very soon.

iOS App

Along with the OS X app, we’re also putting together a free iOS app. If you’re on Android, be sure to grab our free LoLBuilder Android App.

Jungle Playbook

And finally, we hope you’ve already heard about the LoLBuilder Jungle Playbook that we’re putting together. We’ve got a preview of what we’re working on in one of our recent posts by Roshman We’re still analyzing and organizing the data so that we can provide this type of in-depth analysis for every jungler to include: starting buffs, invades, gank times, and gank locations. We’ll provide additional information about this feature set soon.

Consider liking our Facebook page to stay up to date with our Jungle Playbook development.



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